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Say Goodbye to your Health Concern

Just Tele-Consult with Manas Samarth

Certified Nutritionist & Diabetes Educator

Consultation Benefits


Consultation Charges are as low as Rs.500 Only


Be assured that your tele-consultation will be fully private and secured.

* The above consultation charges doesn't include any Diet Plan. Charges for customised diet plan will be extra.

What is Bharatpathy and Why it Started?

Bharatpathy is a Health & Wellness Education Platform. Its main aim is to bring awareness among people that we can reverse lifestyle diseases and metabolic disorders with the revolutionary DIP Diet (now Scientifically Proven) by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury in addition with millets and decoctions. Manas Samarth started it to bring this knowledge upfront which is forgotten by the society because of great marketing skills of Corporate Hospitals, Allopathic Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies.


MBBS is all about the management of the disease/illness not the Cure and if a patient in a long run only do the management of his/her disease than there are very rare chances that you are suffering from only one disease, now you are suffering from many diseases + the side effects of all the experiment they have done on your body. All these things are Scientifically Proven and have Evidences in the Medical Journals but all these information are hidden from you.


Even if we show you all the Proofs/Evidences you will not accept it because your mind has made a Belief System because of marketing skills of hospitals and to break that belief system we all need to have a Questionable Mind. If you want management of your disease then medicines and operations are the best but if you want to cure/reverse the disease, you need Fruits, Vegetables, Millets, Herbs (for decoctions) and discipline, and Bharatpathy is all about that. We Educate people to adopt Fruits, Vegetables, Millets, Herbs etc. in their lives and live a healthy and lite life.

"If your Food is Wrong, Medicine is of No Use but if your Food is Right, Medicine is of No Need." (1).png


Manas Samarth, Health Educator

Manas Samarth is a Certified Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator. Trained and is Serving under guidance of Internationally Renowned Medical Nutritionist Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury. He is a N.I.C.E and W.I.S.E Expert in the Team of Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury.  He is also Honorary Member in Advisory Committee of Digital Magazine "Biswas" from Indo-Vietnam Medical Board.

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